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Pastry Chef workshops

Chocolate workshops

An interesting proposition for your next session of group work is attending one of our chocolate workshops, led by our Chocolate Master. You’ll learn the intriguing story of the history of chocolate, gain insight into the chocolate-making process, and taste some of its many varieties.


From birthday parties to company meetings for employees and customers, our chocolate workshops are ideal. Working with the highest quality products, Barry Callebaut introduces participants to the world of chocolate production, and guarantees great fun at a master level. The workshops are also a great way of integrating people. We can run the chocolate workshops at the Airport Hotel Okęcie itself, or at a location of your choosing. Designed for both children and adults, the workshops can be easily adapted to any group, taking into account the age and manual dexterity of the participants.

For groups of 10-40 people
Workshops last 150 minutes

Participants will receive:

Aprons and chef’s hats for the duration of the workshop,
Packaging for your own chocolate creations,
Diplomas of completion.



Workshops can be an attractive form of education and are great for integrating new friends or work teams. Making your own pralines, chocolate bars and lollipops, decorating them with fresh and dried fruits and taking them home is a completely new experience. Additional snacks, sweet or savory, can be provided upon request, including a special menu for children. We can also prepare a special cake for participants to share, at an attractive price.

Workshop program:

From grains to chocolates – a history of chocolate
Tasting cocoa beans from different parts of the world
Tasting 3 types of chocolate
Drinking chocolate – technology and tasting
Discussion of praline and truffle production techniques
Learning how to temper chocolate with professional tools
Wrapping pralines with chocolate tempered by you
Creating your own chocolates
Techniques for preparing a chocolate bar
Pouring chocolate into molds
Decorating chocolate with fruits and nuts
Packaging of ready-made products
Diploma session


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